Sink or Swim School Student

Why should I choose this program?

Sink or Swim School is 1 of 3 schools in the Charleston area certified to teach children under 3 years survival swimming skills. Our focus is drowning prevention! Safety with proper breath control, confidence with swimming, and skills to save yourself in the water are our specialties. We have trained and prepped several students for swim team. Our entire staff has years of experience with students and have had their children in the program as well. 

At what age can my child start?

Sink or Swim School works with children as young as 6 months. A better milestone is for your child to be able to crawl and or sit-up. Imagine how fast your child could crawl away and maybe crawl out the door as you made a snack or changed a load of laundry. 8-10 months is common age to start.

What if my child is scared or cries?

Stranger Danger or simple separation anxiety is common with pre-school or swim school. We have toys and cookies to help comfort the students plus BIG smiles. Small approximations towards confidence is our approach. If we need to work on the steps for a few days, we do what is best to help the students feel comfortable and learn these skills! 

Can you work with children with special needs?

Sink or Swim School is experienced in swimming lessons for children with all special conditions, including emotional and physical conditions. If you have a specific question to help you choose a program best for your special child, please contact our staff! 

What does it cost?

Of course there is no price to drowning prevention; a peace of mind is priceless. Plus this is not a one time program. Refresher lessons are recommended every 4-6 months. Expect a minimum of $500 for your first program if you have zero swimming skills. Most students require 20-30 lessons and refreshers are 3-6 lessons. Lesson fees are collected weekly. 

Have we ever experiened Dry-Drowning?

We have never experienced a student suffer from dry drowning nor seen a case of dry-drowning aka secondary drowning. Read Dr. Hensley's theory of dry drowning in the article linked below:

Dr. Katherine Hensley's theory