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  • Sink or Swim School, Charleston's premiere swim school, focuses on drowning prevention and teaching survival swimming skills. 
  • Our certified swim instructors teach students breath control, face down swimming, how to roll back to float, and repeat the swim-float-swim sequence to the edge of pool with confidence.
  • Crawling children will learn breath control and how to roll back to a float.
  • 15 months and up will learn breath control, roll back to a float and most will continue swimming across the pool and to the ledge for safety! 
  • We work with all ages!
  • Our swimming program is also geared to with working children with special needs.


Drowning Prevention

No one is drown-proof but drowning is preventable with proper supervision, door locks, and alarms. Survival swimming skills never run out of batteries, offering another layer of protection for your child. Graduation from the Sink or Swim School program requires children to come fully clothed to class, fall into the pool, and practice what they've learned. 86% of children fall in fully clothed while under the supervision of both parents! Sink of Swim currently offers swim lessons in Mount Pleasant, Hanahan, Summerville, and the Charleston area. 


Why SINK or Swim?

Clint Avery, is the lead swimming instructor and owner of Sink or Swim School, voted in 2017 and 2019 as the Low Country Parent winner of Best Swim School in Charleston. He is 1 of only 3 swimming instructors in Charleston certified to teach Survival Swimming Lessons. Clint has been teaching for over 9 years with all 5 star ratings on our Facebook page. His team works with all types of children from 6 months to ADULTS! 

SINKorSwim Rookie 'Floater'

Meet our student Story. She is at the completion stage of her swimming lessons during spring. We are demonstrating what would happen if she fell in face-forward, backwards or walked into the pool. We want all children prepared for all scenarios. These are the skills students under 2 years old will learn at Sink or Swim School in Charleston. She can't walk or talk but she can save herself in the water! 

Sink or swim Rookie 'swim-float-swim'

This is Colin and he was 2 years old in this video. Children under 4 don't usually have the ability to stroke swim. Colin swims face down, kicks and rolls to his back to rest, breathe, and float. Then he continues to swim towards a safe zone. 

Swimming with strokes

Sink or Swim School can introduce strokes to your child once they can master the swim-float-swim technique. Most students can start using strokes at age 4. 

sink or swim big rookie

Sink or Swim School also offers adult and or stroke lessons; it's never too late to learn! 

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