SINK or Swim School Staff

Clint Avery


Clint is owner and lead instructor for Sink or Swim School, two time winner of Low Country Parent magazine's "Mom's Choice BEST Swim School" in 2017 and 2019. Certified with Infant Swimming Resource in 2010, his training and education continued with Infant Swimming Resource certification into 2017.  

Lynette Dickerson


Lynette has been involved in education for over 20 years with a BS in education and a PhD in Biology. Her professional leadership is driven with passion to help her students. Lynette joined our Team in 2017 and her son Harper was a student in the program. 

Susan Heath


Susan has been an instructor with Sink or Swim School since 2016. Susan is a big fan of "Girls Rule and Boys Drool" and she can make a brick float! Her daughter was also a student of the program. 

Trish Ladson


Trish is new to our staff but comes with years of experience. Since Trish was 8 years old,  she swam competitively all the way to college. Trish teaches her new family members and young friends her motto "Water is your Friend" and helps with their confidence around the water. 

Melanie Brooks


Melanie is our Program Administrator. You probably have already exchanged a phone call or email with her. Melanie has only worked as our administrator since 2018 but has been involved  for 7 years as all four of  her children have gone through the program.